Balt Meditation

Energetics of the oaks

Oak is the strongest Latvian wilderness source of strength. They are energy-producing, strong, noble and intelligent trees. Oaks perform the will of God, bringing the positive energy to the world. Oaks grow and develope for hundreds of years, propel its roots deep into the ground and striving to the sky for the light. Our ancestors, the ancient Balts had this knowledge, as evidenced by their special relationship with oak trees and forests. Before the introduction of Christianity, starting from about the 5th century B.C., till the 13th century they had no more important ritual place, than Sacred Groves, the firewood of which could not be chopped, even during war or famine.

Also, trees are mentioned in Latvian folk songs - boys and girls are compared to oak trees and lime trees, people were warned not to chop trees and intact forests without the need. Latvians prayed, brought sacrifice, met with the ancestral spirits, and divined in oak groves. Let us remember our ancestors' wisdom and treat the trees as those similar to ourselves, living creature, which gives the power, asking only for respect in exchange.

We are taught at school, that the plants and trees absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. On the energy level they have the ability to transform the negative energy into positive. The power of the oak can be explained by its physical characteristics. Propelling the roots deeply into the ground, it draws the feminine, but striving its crown to the sky, the masculine energy. Oak lifespan is much longer than human life. With each year, developing heigth and width, the oak becomes more and more powerful. This energy flow is stable, it stretches from the sky to the earth, as opposed to the rhythm of human life an oak is not in a hurry. That's why it lives much longer. 

Balt Meditation

svetozols.jpgYet thousands of years the Balts know, that oaks provide strength, awakens the human energy, creates inspiration, clarity and quiescency. Tree kings share their energy at most from nine in the evening until midnight. Stronger ties with oak occur, when it feels that your intentions are good, then it trusts you and helps immediately.

It is best to choose a big, healthy grand oak, not surrounded by any other. Such oak has a powerful energy. Approach the chosen grand oak with confident steps. When you are under the crown, stop and in your thoughts ask the oak for permission to link with his life-giving energy. Inhale slowly through your nose, imagine the power of the oak flowing into yourself. Exhale through your mouth, freeing yourself from all the negative. Take a sit or stand near the oak tree, pushing your back against the oak trunk, give yourself in to leisurely quiescency recovery, prayer. Mute your mind, listen to the sounds of nature, leaves, wind and birds. After a few moments you will feel heat or cool wave, itch - oak strength and energy is flowing through your body. Give in to this man and nature primordial relationship about 15 minutes, awaken your energy. Use your imagination to embody the tree what you want to strengthen: yourself, your family, the one you love, your home. Imagine that everything negative drains to the earth through the roots, and new, powerful energy flows in through the branches. After receiving the strenght, quiescency, clarity and inspiration thank the oak. If you feel that it helped you, come back to this grand oak - it is now yours.




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