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Latvia is Europe's land of monumental trees. There is a beautiful or monumental tree close to each of us. Either on the side of the road, on a field, in the forest, park, or even the yard. Is your oak beautiful and tidy? Maybe there are bushes growing at its feet, wire weaves around its trunk or broken branches hanging dead at the crown? Maybe your oak is a grand oak with the girth of 4m and more? Measure it at the 1.3m above the ground! Or maybe it has reached a height of 32m? Remember that protected area around the monumental trees, which should be cleaned, is 10 m from the crown projection on the ground.

Centenary of Latvia is coming and our monumental trees are waiting to be free! Poweroak supports researcher of trees and natural rarities Guntis Eniņš in his call to continue freeing of monumental trees from bushes and other trees once started by Latvian poet Imants Ziedonis. The goal is by centenary of Latvia to help our great and mighty monumental trees stretch their branches tall and free! Monumental tree destruction begins with the lower, most shaded branches and spreads like disease up to the top. Century-old oaks are no longer able to change their body structure and is calling for help!

Lets start now with the monumental trees closest to you, in your yard, willage, town or forest!


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Materials used in this webpage: Mr. Guntis Eniņš "100 dižākie un svētākie"; Prof. Pēteris Šmits "Latviešu tautas ticējumi"