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ligo2011 69888.jpgspekozols_ivars_smits.jpgContinuing our ancestor traditions in creating harmonious environment, our family decided to leave nature heritage on the 200 year anniversary of our farmstead „Medņi” by planting new Poweroak Grove. After inspiring Midsummer eve celebration, on June 24, 2011 in the friendly group of relatives and friends we went to plant first nine oaks of the grove. 

The Poweroak Grove consists of (trejdeviņi) 3x9=27 oaks, which is magical number for Latvians. This number symbolizes continuity, formula of the world’s structure which has no beginning and no end. Poweroak Grove is special due to its location in Vidriži on the extension of SW axes connecting two ancient sacred places - South America’s Inca Machu Pikchu and ancient Balt Pokaiņi in Latvia. This interesting geographical and mythological fact was discovered when reading book „Mūsu dižā senatne” (Our eminent antiquity) by researcher Ivars Vīks. Location of the oaks in the new grove are symbolizing sun shine beams and are matching the SW axes, as well as S and SW directions.

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Our friends Liene and Mārtiņš planted one oak on their wedding day in August 2011, but on the beautiful spring morning of May 26, 2012 hoast Ivars together with the colleagues of Nordea Finance planted eight more trees. On the third spring, May 3, 2013, Medņi hosts Ivars and Kārlis Šmits planted nine more oaks, thus finalizing palnting of the Poweroak Grove. Now there are all 3X9 oaks growing. In the upcoming years we will be fostering the new oaks and saiving them from animals, so they grow strong and beautiful.

Those who planted the oaks already feel link to the Poweroak Grove. It is becoming beautiful place where to rest, to set thoughts, to calm one’s mind and to address Good.

The new grove is included in the Poweroak Hike, is one of the Messengers of Peace projects of the World Organization of the Scout Movement and was crowd funding project "Apjoz Spēkozolu birzi" in Projektu Banka.



Poweroak Grove on the axes of two ancient sacred places

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Materials used in this webpage: Mr. Guntis Eniņš "100 dižākie un svētākie"; Prof. Pēteris Šmits "Latviešu tautas ticējumi"